• Lacrosse is very similar to lots of other sports

  • U.S. college scholarship opportunities in lacrosse are available

  • It's a great method to increase physical fitness in the off-season

  • Team sports build self-esteem, respect, integrity, and fairness

  • Lacrosse teaches leadership skills

  • It helps prevent sport burn-out by playing a different yet fast-paced sport 

  • Players of all fitness levels and abilities can compete in lacrosse

  • A player can learn basic plays and strategies quickly

  • It is inexpensive to equip lacrosse players as most hockey/ringette equipment can be used in lacrosse

  • A player will learn to play both offensive and defensive positions and make a quick transition from defense to offense and vice versa

  • It reinforces the importance of quickness and agility around the net

  • Lacrosse increases hand-eye co-0rdination when stick handling

  • It teaches players to play with their head up and to be more aware of their surroundings

  • Offensive scoring skills are honed by shooting at smaller targets and picking corners

  • Defensive skills are taught with individual and team concepts

  • Lacrosse Teaches the creativity of fakes, back passes and shots

  • Lacrosse is run in five-player units and helps the player to practice playing a team concept